Step aerobics

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Step Aerobics

Taking the old school classic right up to date! High in endurance training and run to beats and routines Step Aerobics is a top calorie burner and guaranteed body toner! If you’re new try our Beginners Step class on Thursdays at half 5 in Aungier St!

Time1 pm5:30 pm7:30 am
LocationAungier St.Aungier St.Aungier St.
InstructorMaxViktoria (Beginners)Viktoria


Time1 pm
LocationAungier St.
Time5:30 pm7.30 am
LocationAungier St.Aungier St
InstructorViktoria (Beginners)Viktoria

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Step Aerobics is a fun class that will make you move to the fast rhythm and routines