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By training with our trainers they will get you where you want to be offering full professional support, advice and of course some intense training!

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Personal Training

Have you ever arrived at the gym and not known where to begin with your workout? Are you looking to get in shape for a big occasion? Are you looking at increasing your training intensity for a sporting event? Do you want to train with a partner/ friend for a specific goal?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then Personal training will be an ideal solution for you!

By training with our trainers, they will get you where you want to be offering full professional support, advice and of course some intense training!

Your first session with a  Dublin YMCA personal trainer will always consist of fitness tests followed by a discussion of your goals and what you hope to get out of personal training. At each follow-up session, your trainer will have a workout plan designed and a follow on a plan for areas you will need to work on to achieve your goals!

We offer solo Personal Training from €35 or if you want to train with a friend or a small group of people (max 4 people) we offer Group Personal Training from €25 per person.

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Body Transformation Challenge

If you are looking for a total Body and Lifestyle transformation this is the programme for you! 6 weeks, 6 clients, nutrition advice, 2 personalised sessions a week, unlimited gym and class access and all the support needed to lose serious pounds and get fit quick!

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Chris O'Malley

Fitness Team Leader and Personal Trainer

Chris's classes: Spyn, Strength and Conditioning Circuits, FIT.
Certificate/Degree: BSc in Fitness Professional, American Council on Exercise certified Personal Trainer, REPs Ireland certified Personal Trainer, REPs Ireland Gym Instructor and Group Exercise Instructor, TRX Suspension Training certified, Spinning certified.
Tip for the beginners: Be consistent, move fluidly, work hard, that's when you will see sustainable results.
Tip for the advanced: Periodise. Make sure you make a plan, with progressions, regressions, and new training systems for some fun, so you don't get injured or bored.
Fitness Motto: Train intelligently, find what works best for your body type and schedule, then work hard to get the results you deserve.
Favourite exercise: Pull-Ups.
Favourite equipment: Pull Up Bar.

Max Petrocenco

Instructor & Personal trainer

Max's classes: Pilates; Box & Bells; 50/50; Step Aerobics; Box Fit & Shredded.
Certificate/Degree: NCEHF EQF Level 4 Fitness instructor and personal trainer; SPX Machine Pilates.
Tip for the beginners: Never skip your compound exercises - squats, deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press. Always ensure proper form.
Tip for the advanced: Always track your progress to ensure proper progression.
Fitness Motto: When it gets tough - push even harder!
Favourite exercise: The Squat - it's the granddaddy of all exercises.
Favourite routine: The power cage. Nothing gets close to it in terms of versatility.

Tony McEnroe

Instructor & Personal Trainer

Tony's classes: Circuits, Barbells & Kettlebells, Box Fit
Certificate/Degree: ITEC Diploma in Fitness, FETAC level 5 fitness & nutrition, ITEC Personal Training. Cert in youth training 4-16 olds, Phase 1 & 2 KG Elite Strength and Conditioning
Tip for the beginners: Don’t be afraid to start and give new things a go.
Tip for the advanced: Technique is essential
Fitness Motto: Fitter, Faster , Stronger
Favourite exercise: Running
Favourite equipment: Chin up

Viktoria Bedecs


Viki’s classes: Bootcamp, Fit class, Tabata, Step aerobics, Spyn.
Certificate/Degree: Fitness instructor (EQF level 3)
Personal trainer (EQF level4)
Kettlebell , step aerobics and spinning instructor.
Tip for the beginners: Never late too start exercising.
Tip for the advanced: The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.
Fitness Motto: Be stronger than your excuses.
Favourite exercise: Spinning.
Favourite equipment: Smith machine.

Tiny James


Tiny's classes: Seniors
Certificate/Degree: Active IQ
Tip for the beginners: Get a workout plan before using the gym.
Tip for the advanced: Focus on your weak part.
Fitness Motto: Keep on trucking.
Favourite exercise: Dumbbell; bicep curl, squat and shoulder press, compound workouts.
Favourite equipment: Punching bag.

Nikita Masterson

Instructor & Personal Trainer

Nikita's classes: Box Fit, HIIT, Shredded, S&C Circuits
Certificate/Degree: Indoor Cycling, ITEC Fitness Instructing(Gym Based)
Tip for the beginners: Always ask instructors for help if needed.
Tip for the advanced: Increase weight gradually.
Fitness Motto: Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.
Favourite exercise: Squats.
Favourite equipment: Squat Rack.

Mark Blake


Tip for the beginner: Never give up, small steps and see the greater outcome you will achieve.
Tip for advanced: Match your work inside the gym by keeping a healthy diet and good lifestyle.
Fitness motto: Take care of the small things and the big things will follow.
Favourite exercise: Ab exercises.
Favourite equipment: Are the studios and the people I work with to help them achieve their goals.