Spring has come and with it brings the opportunity to travel. Galway, Cork, Inishmore, Connemara…are now ticked off my list! I was in love especially with the big Aran Island, it felt like the kind of place I would like to go for a year, lock myself in a cottage, and have a novel written once and for all! It has sandy beaches and ice-cream shops. I could hardly ask for more than that.

So these days I struggle between the desire of taking advantage of the mild weather and the self-imposed obligation of studying. My Cambridge English exam will happen in three weeks time and that is starting to worry me a little. It is been 6 years since I last took any kind of exam, therefore I am a bit concerned about having lost the feeling of it! Moreover, even though I feel that my English has improved a lot, specially talking on the phone and catching what native people say to each other, those are abilities that are not really useful in a test, so let’s see what happens…

Anyway, being from Northern Spain I have it in my genes like Irish people do: when a single sun ray appears, I stop what I am doing and rush out. I did that for Stephen’s Green a couple Sundays ago and it was just perfect, with everybody chilling, playing music and juggling. Probably next time I will be able even to get some tan…

In addition, exciting times are coming as the event I have been working on, Family Fun Day, is happening on the 11th of June. It has given me the opportunity of developing a community-focused project from the beginning, learning through all the stages, and I am really looking forward to see the outcome. Organizing it, even with the valuable guide and help from various YMCA staff member’s and fellow volunteers, has had its challenges, but hopefully it will please everybody. Plus I have to confess that I am hoping to be able to enjoy myself a little in the bouncy castles once the children are tired of them…(evil laughter)

So to sum up, I would say that now is time to plant some seeds and see what the sunny months to come bring…


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