I do firmly believe in a therapeutic result of spending time immersed in a natural environment.
I don’t want to talk about the weather, which is a constant topic of conversation in this Island, however, I’d like to say just one thing: I am so glad that the winter is over. I finally wake up from the winter hibernation and start to travel around Ireland.
Last weekend I went to the west coast of Ireland, exploring Galway and Connemara. It was a really good weekend, the weather was good too and the nature of this Island is surprising me always more.
Standing on the top of Cliff of Moher recharge me of a new and good energy. The view from there is absolutely breathtaking. Walking and bicycle through Connemara’s region was amazing.

As the weather is improving, we are planning some activities outside with the youth club. For this reason a few days ago we went to visit a little farm, near Tallaght. The kids were so excited, they played and enjoyed staying with animals.
In my opinion is really important to stimulate the interest of spending more time outside, in contact with nature. I also believe that enjoy the nature and the company of the animals will lead to a natural consequence to respect them more. Which is an important aim to achieve nowadays.


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