Do you think the weather can change a city and its environment? From my point of view and my experience, the answer is completely affirmative. Even though the summer started almost one month ago, the last 29th of May was my first taste of summer this year, at least something similar of what I understand summer is.

For the reason, the title of my post. Since this month of May has started I can feel the big change from winter.  Good weather helps to see more people walking in the streets, laying down in the grass, eating really nice ice-creams, and enjoying many outside activities and festivals. For instance, one of the festivals I could enjoy the day mentioned above was the Africa Day at Farmleigh. On one hand, the festival was really nice and the Sun was the main character.

We could enjoyed different African shows and dances, as well as music. Moreover, there were many kind of workshops, specially for children and some for adults, like the turban workshop. Also there were many different types of food from Kenya and other countries. Although ice-cream and coffee caravans did not lack.

On the other hand, there was a high representation of different organizations from Ireland that work in Africa to develop projects specially for kids and women. There were also associations of different African nationalities that live in Ireland, in order to create a community and share experiences with people from the same country who are living the same situations.
Last but not least, what I liked the most was to be surrounded by people of different nationalities enjoying all together of this celebration, to see people showing interest for the African culture, as well as the fact that the African people could have this day to show more aspects about their culture.
To finish the post, I would like to wish that the last 3 months in Ireland will be like that day: that the Sun shines, people having fun and enjoying the moment. Moreover, I hope our Family Fun Day succeeds as the Africa day, because I am really excited and motivated about it. Let’s see!


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