The last two months have been so exciting for me. Everything started with the visit of my dear father and brother. When one is abroad, what is missed the most is family. So that, I couldn´t start my second part of my volunteering in a better way.

Came to Ireland to discover myself again, a little tired of what I was doing a year ago, to find new hobbies out because I am an unquiet person who likes a lot of different things. For that reason, I fully opened my eyes and new stuff caught my attention. I began playing the guitar when I was sixteen years old, ever since I have been playing at intervals. However, I decided to buy a new guitar for improving my skills, and nowadays I am playing every day.

On the other hand, an Italian skater friend of mine visited me in Dublin three weeks ago. I tried his skate and I loved it! So I have just bought a longboard, even though my mother is not happy with this, to move around the city centre, to go to work, enjoying and doing exercise on my board. That´s so tiring!

Besides, I am discovering and studying the complex and huge world of photography with a new reflex camera. Time, time is required. However, I could feel as a photographer in an event managed by my colleague Eva, in which different volunteers from several organizations explained their experiences to encourage people to do volunteering. It took place in the Council of Spanish Residents in Ireland.

Moreover, we all had the mid term training, which  I personally
enjoyed even more than the first one, because we already knew each other and where there were fantastic people, who I would spend my time with.

Two weeks ago, trying to travel as much as possible spending as less as possible, I visited Liverpool and Manchester in UK. From my viewpoint, Liverpool is the prettiest, its churches are really unconventional. There are a lot of young people, and the chords of The Beatles are sung by wind.

I was looking forward to checking Greenhill YMCA in Northern Ireland because I have the chance to work there in summer. We did a lot of adventures activities which I really enjoyed.


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