Fitness Classes – Sandymount

At YMCA Sandymount gym we have fitness classes ranging from HIT24 to Shredded to Cardio Attack to Trainer’s Choice.

All our classes are suitable for all fitness levels as the fitness will vary the intensity, reps or weight for each person and modify any of the exercises to suit you.

We offer to pay as you go fitness classes from only €8 or memberships from as low as €25 per month. We have no joining fees on any of our memberships.

Cardio Attack

This interval training class is designed to get your heart rate up and burn your muscles.  This is a whopper of a workout, using just your bodyweight!

Strength And Cardio

This class is a combination of two training principles that will help you become stronger in your day-to-day activities, as well as help increase your lung capacity and strengthen your cardiovascular conditioning. A combination of weights and well thought out fast exercises to help you get stronger and increase your stamina, all in one amazing class


A core and abdominal based workouts which centers around elevating the heart rate to a fat burning zone and maintaining that zone throughout with core focused exercises using weighted, bodyweight and static exercises.