The 170 Fund

“YMCA, the oldest and largest youth charity in the world”

The 170 Fund has been created to present businesses and organisations with the opportunity to support YMCA Dublin in an impactful way, through affordable support with a lasting relationship. We know that it is difficult to support all the worthy causes locally, which is why we have created the 170 Fund where lesser support still results in a bigger impact, rather than partnerships with financial support annually.

We believe that the empowerment of unity for many companies joining for one cause will create a huge impact on our organisational strategic goals. Our organisational purpose is that we believe everyone should have the opportunity to belong to healthy, confident, secure and connected communities. We have based our strategy on supporting young people, children, individuals and families to reach their potential. We will achieve this through these three goals;

  1. Creating new YMCA community spaces.
  2. Strengthen our impact across the community.
  3. YMCA Dublin will be fit for purpose to deliver our ambitious strategic goal. Our growth in community delivery will be matched with development in our internal infrastructure and strengthening financial sustainability.

We believe that through the creation of community spaces, people can come together, connect and create impact. We would be honoured for you to support us in our vision for positive change within our local community.

There is a minimum donation of €500 to support the YMCA Dublin and become a member of the 170 Fund. This is to ensure our support for the local community expands to the extent we know is needed. To highlight to you the impact we can all create for the local community, if just 34 businesses and organisations donated €5,000, the total would be €170,000.