I knew from the beginning that I’ll have to leave once the project is over, however now when the time has come – I realized that I’ve unwillingly grown deeper roots than can be removed painlessly. But I am thankful for those. For people I’ll miss and people who will miss me, for moments we shared, opportunities I got and lessons I learned. It’s all so vague because it’s actually all so personal, too personal for a blog post. Hence this post is the hardest to write.
I am definitely going to recommend volunteering to all of my friends.
Last weeks were the most contemplative, as the mists of future are slowly creeping up to the line between Autumn and Summer, and the certainty of the past year is vanishing with it. It’s time to make big choices and decisions again, time to move on (and move back in a way, as mother-Russia still has a firm bureaucratic hold of me). However, one of the most unexpected revelations for me was newfound appreciation of my own country and of many things I used to take for granted, but that made my home so special. So it’s not all that sad, coming back home (or I’m trying to persuade myself it isn’t).

I don’t really know what else to say. I am full of “thank you”s, doubts, concerns and hopes.
Thank you, YMCA, thank you, my fellow EVS-volunteers, thank you, Ireland.
Good bye, Ireland. Good bye, Dublin.
And hopefully see you again some day.

PS And it’s so great to understand this poem now.


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