This year has definitely been one of my best in life. I couldn’t be happier of having made the decision to work in Dublin with YMCA. I truly recommend this experience to everybody. I have learnt a lot of myself and from my colleagues and friends in Dublin. This chapter of my life is over, but I´m convinced it will help me to face better the next ones.

Thanks to Brian, Elain, Norma for teaching me so many things along this year. Thanks to Bobby and Kathryn to help me whenever I have need any help. Thanks to my colleagues, Melissa, Sonia, Max, Eva, Chiara, Jane, all of you have improved my experience here, and our laughs will be wonderful memories which we will repeat in the future.

I would like to share with you the pilot of One2One project, which I learnt and met amazing people from, made by Brian and me, in order to make known the project and get funding for the next year. I hope it will help children who don´t have the support that a child needs.



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