Last week was the last week of our clubs in PAKT Brookfield this year. Kids are out for the summer, and for us it meant that it was time to look back and reflect at what we’ve achieved, congratulate the kids on finishing and growing through another year, give out certificates and show end of the year videos. Here I’d like to share a video/song about healthy eating me (Max) and Sonia had made.

At the end of our ceremony one child came up to me, gave me a hug and said that I was her favourite leader and she was going to miss me. This was the most special moment of PAKT for me this year, probably. Summing up my time in Brookfield, I can say that I have definitely learned a lot and became much better with kids, started to understand them better. I reckon we’ve really had a breakthrough with some kids, and almost all of them have benefited from our clubs more or less.

I also learned a lot about myself and what kind of working environment suits me or not. I missed some good opportunities and hadn’t shown the best of myself in some cases, which is a lesson rather than a regret. I’m going to always remember my time in PAKT and my manager Elaine, who really has the future of PAKT in her heart and who taught me probably even more than I wanted to learn. I wish PAKT growth, better financing and more really caring people like herself.

My brother and my friend came to visit 2 weeks ago, and only when they left last Saturday and I was left alone in my room I realized how much I actually missed home, family and friends. We had a great trip with them, visiting Galway, Connemara, Cliffs of Moher, Cork and Kinsale, some places around Dublin of course.

Next week my work in a different department starts, which is going to be marketing most likely, so I’m looking forward to gaining new skills and living a new experience. But PAKT will definitely be missed, especially the «K» part of it.


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