OutReach is a non-formal style of youth work without a building or set activity. Our Team is an active presence in the Dublin 2 & 8 area, meeting young people in the spaces they already occupy and call home.

The team are on the streets every Monday  5-9pm: chatting, playing football, grabbing coffee, Being visible in the area. If you see us in our YMCA Dublin Jackets- come say hi!

The aim of OutReach is to be a presence, provide support, and to build relationships with all groups of young people, including those traditionally hard-to-reach. YMCA Dublin OutReach currently operates in Dublin 2 & 8.

We are committed to a relational method of OutReach youth work that uplifts participants and keeps them engaged in consistent and relevant services. Our services are young-person centred, provision being based on a right to belonging and not exclusionary.

OutReach youth work ensures we are reaching the whole community, especially those young people who are disengaged from community services, or have struggled during the pandemic.

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