PlusOne Mentoring

PlusOne Mentoring is a targeted youth service, launched in YMCA Dublin in March 2018, following the success of the service in YMCAs Scotland and Canada.

Through PlusOne, we aim to provide a safe environment and a network of support to young people aged 10-17 years old, who may be at-risk, vulnerable or going through a period of transition in their lives, and in need of an extra bit of guidance and support.

Young people can be referred to PlusOne by community partners such as schools, youth workers or other local services and are matched with a volunteer mentor, who will provide 1 to 1 mentorship for up to a 1 year period.

Youth participants are matched with a volunteer mentor for a one-year period. The matches are based on life skills and experience. Mentors receive specialized training before meeting with their mentee, and the mentoring relationship is guided by the program coordinator.

The mentor will meet up with a young person one evening per week, where they will offer a friendly ear, support, guidance and advice. They also participate in various activities that both parties enjoy.

The aims of PlusOne Mentoring include:

  • Helping to increase self-awareness and self-confidence in young people
  • Supporting young people to express themselves and develop communication skills
  • Building more resilient young people with vision and ambition for their future
  • Increasing young people’s positive engagement with school
  • Promoting positive peer and family relationships

The objective at the end of one year is for each young person to have gained new skills and tools to help them navigate the challenges they confront in their daily life.

We are now taking referrals to PlusOne.

If you know a young person that would benefit from PlusOne or would like to know more about the service please contact Paul, our programme coordinator at or complete our referral form below: