Réidh is an education, training, and employability service, developed by YMCA Dublin in response to the needs evident in the communities that we serve. It is for young people aged 16-30 who are unemployed, underemployed, have left school early, or are seeking guidance and skills growth to bridge the gap to their career path.

Réidh supports participants to develop their employability skills and build connections in the community so that they can be prepared for their future.

Réidh believes that education is not only about creating workers and employees, but aims to support the development of well-rounded young citizens who are equipped with the skills to live a healthy, happy and balanced life. It is centred on providing an enabling environment, promoting effective learning, and empowerment.

Réidh Careers was launched in January 2024 to support career growth and skill acquisition through practical experience. Each cycle caters to a specific career, which are:

  1. Service and Hospitality
  2. Construction
  3. Introduction to Childcare & Youth Work
  4. Security

Courses are for people aged 16-30, 3 days a week.

During the 6 weeks you will:

✔ Engage with classes such as communications, computers, community and Ready 4 Work.

✔ Take part in supported group volunteer placements.

✔ Receive relevant career certifications eg. Safe Pass, manual handling, barista, HACCP, fire safety, waiter training, PSA, etc.

✔ Receive ESOL classes for non-native English speakers.

✔ Have support finding next steps with employment, further education, or volunteer placements.

If you are interested in this programme, or you know someone who would benefit from Réidh, please complete the form below.

You will be added to our contact list and we will reach out with upcoming training opportunities.

Sign up sheet: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1etb2d22plvfYGTjp7DE4l2Ui0igxBzQV81q9Oap_8BI/edit

Have a query or a question? Please contact Daire, our programme coordinator at daire.power@ymca-ireland.net


Upcoming Training Courses


1. Construction 18th March – April 26th
2. Service and hospitality13th May – 21st June
3. Security 8th July – 16th August
4. Introduction to childcare & youth work2nd September – 11th October
5. ConstructionOctober 28th – December 6th


Réidh FAQs

How many places are there on each cycle?

There are 12 places on each cycle.

On which days are the classes?

The classes are Wednesdays to Fridays, 9-2.30pm. We also offer English language classes on Mondays and Tuesdays for those who need it.

Will travel costs be supported?

Yes, we’ll cover the costs to travel to and from the YMCA. We also provide lunch.

I have expressed interest in the Réidh Programme. When will I hear back from you?

We will contact you two weeks before the start of the cycle. If you don’t hear from us, you have been placed on a waiting list.

Are there language requirements for the Réidh Programme?

Yes, you will need an elementary level of English to be able to participate in the programme. We offer a Réidh Programme for 4 different careers. For some of them a higher level is required. We will let you know in advance if that is the case.

Who can sign up for the Réidh Programme?

People aged 16-30 that are currently unemployed or not in education.

Can I sign up for more than one cycle?

Yes, you can, but you can only partake in one of them.