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At YMCA Dublin we offer many different types of corporate fitness options. Our fitness classes and courses  can be delivered onsite as well as off-site and are well balanced and customised for any person, age or fitness levels.

We believe that it is important to lead an active and healthy lifestyle especially for those people who are working in an office environment. This is because being active can significantly improve mental and physical wellness. Physical activities such as fitness classes can allow your employees to boost energy levels, reduce stress, stay fresh for the day at the office and have fewer days of sickness.

Corporate fitness classes and courses also have lots of benefits for employers, which are

  • Team building and bonding
  • Reduced stress for employees
  • Positive message to employees
  • Less health insurance payments
  • Happier more productive workers
  • Incentive benefits for individuals and teams

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Our fitness classes have proven to improve wellbeing, fitness/energy levels and overall wellness of employees. From feedback, we have gathered that our classes help  employees to improve their performance, have better concentration at their workplace and have better relationships between their colleagues. Being active relieves stress, brings happiness and higher productivity levels in the workplace.

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