Youth Spaces

Our Youthwork programmes aims to support, empower, and strengthen young people through a wide range of programmes and activities collectively known as “Youth Spaces”. We work to meet the needs and interests of the young people in our community, on a individual and group level. We strive to help each young person on their own pathway to witness their full potential, as we believe they should have a space that is safe and non judgemental. Each youth worker adapts an approachable and positive attitude towards each young person we support through a series of programmes such as Youthwork, Plus One Mentoring, OutReach and Alternative Suspension.

Youth Work

We cater for young people from aged 10 and up in the local community in a fun and safe environment where young people have the opportunity to engage in  a variety of activities.

PlusOne Mentoring

We provide a support network to young people aged 10-17 years old who are going through a period of transition in their lives, and may be in need of an extra bit of guidance and support. 

Alternative Suspension

We provide essential support to students who have been temporarily suspended from school and/or may be at risk of suspension.


Réidh is a skills-acquisition and employment programme, developed by YMCA Dublin


OutReach is a non-formal style of youth work without a building or set activity.

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