Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Opportunities


YMCA Dublin is keen to develop corporate social responsibility partnerships with companies to help us raise vital funds to support our work with vulnerable young people in Dublin’s Inner City.

Choosing to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility activities with YMCA Dublin has great benefits for companies in terms of staff morale, community public relations and opportunities to engage with new and existing customers in a new way. Furthermore, you are actively a part of a team who directly supports the young people of Dublin 2 and the wider community.

170 Fund

“YMCA, the oldest and largest youth charity in the world”

The 170 Fund has been created to present businesses and organisations with the opportunity to support YMCA Dublin in an impactful way, through affordable support with a lasting relationship. We know that it is difficult to support all the worthy causes locally, which is why we have created the 170 Fund where lesser support still results in a bigger impact, rather than partnerships with financial support annually.

Youth Spaces

“Partner with us as we provide dedicated spaces and programmes for young people”

PlusOne Mentoring

1:1 mentoring programme for young people aged 10-17 for 1 year

Youth Café

Drop-in service 3 times a week for young people in the local area

Summer Project

One full month of daily trips and activities for young people who attend our youth programmes

Community Events

Annual Family Fun Day, Celebrate the Y Day, Childcare Graduation & Childcare Christmas event

Our Five Year Strategy

Extend Our Reach

Partner with us as we build a new YMCA in a new local community

Strengthen Our Impact

Partner with us as we deliver new programmes; special needs youth service, new mentoring programmes across the city.


Help us to invest in our staff by providing additional training resources, staff appreciation, and staff development.


Current CSR Partnerships


Goshawk has been in partnership with YMCA Dublin since summer 2017, and have supported a number of projects within YMCA Dublin through funding and volunteering.

A CSR relationship branches into many aspects of support, which I feel Goshawk express intimately with the YMCA. While the support of finance enables the YMCA to implement and facilitate necessary programmes for youth within the local area, Goshawk also acknowledges the value of active participation with events/fundraisers throughout the year. My experience to date of Goshawk has been approachable, engaging, and positive.

Michelle O’Reilly

Head of Human Resources, Goshawk


Zendesk have been in partnership with YMCA Dublin since 2014. Zendesk have providing support for residential trips for our Youth Work, Pizza parties for our young people, Christmas gifts for Childcare, training days for our staff members, decorating the outside play area of the Childcare department, and many more.


Ways in which your company can get involved:

Recent Corporate Events

YMCA Dublin staff attended ‘Hustle and Heart’, hosted by Zendesk, to receive presentation training in relation to promoting our youth programmes to other potential CSR opportunities in the future.

Goshawk have also supported us generously by providing us with funds to support our Annual Christmas Tree Campaign, where we sell Christmas trees in our Sandymount location. All proceeds go towards our youth programmes and this type of support by Goshawk enables us to make 100% profit from the fundraiser.

Annual Events

Christmas Tree Sales

This Christmas we will host our annual fundraiser, selling beautiful real Christmas Trees, with all profits going to support youth work, education and family support programmes. We are looking for financial support and volunteers to help us spread some Christmas cheer, and raise some much-needed funds by assisting us with this event.

This really is an excellent opportunity, as it is a great way to get into the festive spirit in the run up to Christmas and give directly back to the community!

Family Fun Day

Hosted in our Sandymount location for a day of bouncy castles, face painting, games and a BBQ. We are looking for volunteers to help us on the day to set up, facilitate throughout the day and tidy up afterwards. This has been a great community engagement opportunity for many businesses.

This one day event draws a big crowd every year from YMCA Dublin and West Dublin. Our Family Fun Day happens one Saturday in June every year.
Corporate Partners have financially supported this event over the last number of years.

Celebrate the Y Day

For one day in June, we open our Aungier St. doors and have bouncy castles during the day before a movie party with pizza in the evening. We are always looking to connect with the local community and offer them a fun night. This event helps the community to join together for fun, food and film.


Our company is interested in becoming a Corporate Partner with YMCA Dublin?

Our Programme Development Manager is available to answer any further questions you may have in relation to CSR. Also, we are happy to come in and present on YMCA Dublin, the programmes we run, and how Corporate Partnerships are a vital support in enabling us to carry out the work we do for the community. Please contact Rachel Kinlan at, to schedule a meeting at your convenience.

Our company wants to develop a volunteer programme?

If you would like advice on setting up an employee volunteer programme in your company, please contact Rachel Kinlan

I am interested in skilled volunteering?

If you are interested in learning more about skilled volunteering in your company, please contact Rachel Kinlan