In March 2020, our priorities shifted in ways none of us could have imagined, we all have had to rethink the way that we work for the foreseeable future. We have rapidly moved our
support and services to digital media and online engagement. This ensures that our work continues with those most at need.

PlusOne; This programme provides one-to-one mentoring to vulnerable young people, ordinarily this is done in person. We have moved all mentoring onto an online platform. Our trained mentors and young people have adapted well to this new approach. We traditionally deliver two types of mentoring; One-to-one mentoring where a young person video chats with their mentor each week and Group mentoring in community settings.

We are innovating with a third strand to the service where we offer online mentoring sessions to young people (10-17 years) who might find themselves struggling. This service provides a young person with a space to talk about how they’re doing with a trained mentor. If you would like to apply for this service simply have a parent or guardian fill out an Application Form and we’ll get in touch!

If you have any questions or would like further information, email Paul at

Youth Work; Our young people have been engaging and sharing their experiences through this time and letting us know what they need. Quizzes, group activities and information are delivered over many different platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram & Zoom. Our main objective is to deliver
ongoing consistent services to our young people. If you are aware of a young person that would benefit from any of the activities please let the youth work team know

Childcare; We understand the challenge families face trying to work from home and looking after children, it’s not an easy task! To try and help we are attempting to engage as much as possible with online information and activities aimed at different age groups and parents. Our posts include articles on potty training, coping with working from home, kids exercise & interactive posts.

Fitness; We provide our members with home workouts, advice on nutrition & wellness. Our
aim is to be dynamic & versatile with our content so our members are provided with the best
possible Fitness experience whilst our doors are closed. Stay safe & stay active.

Corporate Support; YMCA Dublin is in a privileged position to be able to partner with companies willing to make an impact in their local community. One of our partners, Zendesk’s tagline on their website states ‘Be there for your customers.’ In our experience, there is no truer statement.

Zendesk’s Social Impact team reached out to support us further as we closed our doors. We have been working together to provide meal vouchers to families that need support and additional technology for staff to ensure that we can work remotely. Zendesk, thank you for your partnership and support.
Thank you as well to Capital Credit Union, AXA XL, Fidelity, Bank of Ireland and Salesforce who have supported us recently.

Moving Forward; In 2019 we launched our 5 year strategic plan, we still plan to continue to roll this out and ensure that we meet the needs of more communities, young people, children & their families.  Until we see you in person again, keep safe, stay well, and stay connected, YMCA team


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